Landon Buford is a sports and entertainment journalist from Seattle, Washington, but currently based in Dallas, Texas.  He has been in the field of journalism for the past four years with stops at This is 50, Jack, Holiday Season, RESPECT MAG, he is currently a Senior Editor at The Hype Magazine and a contributing writer at the Dallas Sports Fanatic.

Buford has had the opportunity to interview a variety of different individuals such as Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks’ CEO, Cythina Marshall, Two-Time Emmy Winner Michelle Stafford, Wyclef Jean, Andre Ward, Grammy Winner Kenny G, Hall of Famers Kenny Easley, Terrell Owens, and Emmitt Smith to name a few.

He is a credential media member for the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Wings. Other sporting events that he had the pleasure of covering are the 2018 NFL Draft, 2017 WNBA All-Star Game, 2017 Women’s Basketball National Champion, Future Hall of Famer Lauren Jackson Retirement Ceremony and several events with the Pat and Emmitt Smith Foundation and Dirk Nowitzki Foundation.

Buford also shared with us what he feels his mission is a journalist and why he is so passionate about sports.

How did you get your start as a Sports Journalist?

I used my position in a lifestyle publication to parlay my way into covering sports, and that lead to me covering the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Wings this past season. These opportunities have given me the chance to meet a lot of contacts and have provided a lot of content.

What was your stepping stone when it came to getting your foot in the door of the Sports Industry?

I think a stepping stone that I had to overcome to get my foot in the door is first entering some of these notable events. Trying to get these event coordinators to accept your publication as a credible platform is not always the easiest thing to do when you don’t have ESPN, FOX, Comcast, NBC, ABC, The Athletic, and Bleacher Report across your chest to name a few. I’ve had a lot of no’s at the beginning of my career not just from event coordinators, but at some of these publications. Some of them have been because of the platform reach, and others have been because they have not taken the time to conduct the proper research. No matter what the obstacle maybe you must not dwell on it and keep moving forward.

What was your most favorite interview?

I don’t think I can just narrow it down to just one interview, but I can say the one that meant the most was the interview I did with Phoenix Mercury’s center Brittney Griner. The interview added to a narrative to shed light on the pay concerns in professional sports as it pertains to women. She shared with me that she will have to start to evaluate how much longer the WNBA will be a priority in her career moving forward.

Did any of your covered stories go viral?

I helped Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson aggregate a story about LeBron James and a Space Jam 2 trailer that went viral earlier this summer. Some of my other stories have been picked up from other publications, but nothing like the experience that took place during that viral campaign.

What advice would you give to anyone that has a passion, butis afraid to pursue it?

My advice is you will never know if it is for you until you decide to pursue it. The most opportunities miss are the ones we do not choose to pursue. I never wait to look back and say I should have done something when I had the opportunity to continue whatever that passion was at that time.