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Someone called Desiigner a Knock-Off Future… and he was offended!

While performing at a show in Denmark, Desiigner got up close and personal with some of his fans. According to TMZ one of the concert-goers might not have been as impressed with his emceeing skills as others and called The Brooklyn rapper a “knock-off Future.” So offended by the comment, Desiigner rears back his right fist for the ultimate fake out and then mollywhops the fan with a quick left jab.

For sure, this is not the first time Desiigner has heard this wisecrack. For years the two rappers have been going back and forth. In fact, Future refused to even mention Desiigner in his Rolling Stone article in 2016. Perhaps, being compared again to the Atlanta heavy hitter was just too much for him to take. Maybe he should have taken just a little more. Reports say that he was detained at the Denmark airport because officials wanted him to pay for the assault.