Officer Sherry Hall will have a lot of time to think about the story she created regarding a Black man who shot her while she was on duty. The Washington Post reports Hall was sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence and 23 years of probation for the lie being told.

Hall detailed being shot by a Black Man that was described as 6-foot, 250 pounds with dreads. She also went on describe his attire before stating she took cover and fired two shots after being wounded. The story resulted in the arrest of Rodreikus Scott, and a bullet being recovered from her vest.

The investigation into the incident revealed Hall’s statements didn’t match up and she stated she was shot three times. Eventually, she was fired after it was found that she shot herself, resulting in additional felonies, which included violation of her officer’s oath. Hall was found guilty on all 10 felonies she was facing.

“One percent of the police officers in the United States are ruining it for 99 percent of the others. What you’ve done, you’ve put such a black eye on law enforcement, it’s hard for them to overcome it. We’ve got so many folks fighting us nowadays, and you just added to it,” the presiding Judge told her.