The Greatest Quarterback of All-Time, Tom Brady, is back to hanging up records and achievements. This time TB12 is celebrating his 500th touchdown pass. Brady delivered a rocket to the newly acquired Josh Gordon in a victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football.

The New England Patriots legend is only the third player ever to rack up 500 Touchdowns. Now he trails Peyton Manning at 539 and Brett Favre at 508. It’s very likely he tracks down the Packers legend over the next couple of weeks, Manning depends on if Brady laces up the cleats again next season.

The connecting score was a 39-yard bomb into double coverage, slight work for the GOAT.

The achievements of Quarterbacks in Week 5 of this season will likely continue this coming Monday night when Drew Brees takes the field against the Washington Redskins. Brees is just 200 under 200 yeards away from having the most yards thrown by any QB in history. He also is knocking on the door of his 500th touchdown pass.

Check out some of the achievements of Brady on his way to 500 bombs below.