Women on reality television are often portrayed to be over-sexualized, “ratchet,” “uneducated” and so on. From reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Married to Medicine, and Basketball Wives viewers have undoubtedly seen their fair share of drink throwing, cursing, table flipping tantrums among black women. But Black In Crew: Chicago’s, Charmaine Johnise, wants to switch up the status quo. Given the recent success of former Love and Hip Hop: New York’s star, Cardi B, it’s very possible.

Charmaine admitted in a recent interview that she likes to twerk due to her upbringing in New Orleans, but she doesn’t mind the judgment because she has a college degree and confidence.

“I’m from New Orleans so I grew up twerking,” she says, laughing. “The first dance I learned was from Hot Boyz ‘Back That Ass Up,’ I was like six years old and that’s how I grew up. I grew up with people who are completely free-spirited and like to have fun. On the other side, yes I’m also educated, I’m a college graduate with amazing corporate accomplishments under my belt. I have all of these different sides of me and I just decided to bring it all to TV. People can judge it, but that doesn’t really bother me because I know who I am.”

The Louisiana native is a host on Chicago’s WGCI radio station and also has a cooking persona. Although the far-fetched misconceptions of black women on reality tv has resulted in Charmaine losing out on a few opportunities, she has the skill set and charisma that proves she’s an undeniable rising star in the industry.

Despite the minor setbacks, the multi-hyphenate continues to expand her brand to different areas in entertainment. She landed a role in a Netflix Originals series, serves as a host for iHeart Radio concerts and an influencer for many established brands for marketing and promotional opportunities.

It’s no coincidence that Charmaine Johnise is a fan favorite on Black Ink Crew.