Not a stranger to finding her own niche in the fashion world, Designer Danielle Watson is ready to change normal dimensions when it comes to fashion.  While street wear is her go-to, her androgyny gives her the confidence to redefine the lines of masculinity and femininity.

Danielle and her partner, décor goddess, Neffi Walker both share a love for vintage finds as Neffi is known for sourcing unique vintage furniture. The couple decided to bring a noir rendition of interior design and vintage artistry to a private location known as The Spot. The Spot is an exclusive shopping experience set to capture the minds of those who are looking to explore new boundaries that define captivation, boldness and momentousness. The two have handpicked fifteen vendors that align with the couple’s high measure of quality and taste. With products ranging from vintage fur coats to opulent flower arrangements, vintage baroque mirrors to distinguished men’s grooming supplies. The first installment of The Spot will be in Newark, NJ October 20th.


The Source sat down with The Spot creator and discussed her personal take on her effortless androgynous style.

1. How did this unique shopping experience come about? 
People often ask about my style so my partner Neffi Walker and I decided to curate a space to showcase my style, which is mostly vintage, with her vintage furniture. It started as a Pop -Up shop with just the two of us but we decided to open the door to other vendors. We felt that offering our platform and bringing entrepreneurs and creatives into one space can do wonders to everyone’s network and brand.

2.  How would you describe your own personal style?

I like to believe I am simple. Although I love textures, bold colors and at times a clean, tailored look, I am most comfortable in street wear. I tend to stick to modest looks with one piece that may catch the eye of someone who is paying attention. My androgyny allows me to be as fluid as I want in approach which allows me to be uninhibited in many ways.

3. Who are some of your influences? 

Black culture is my primary influence. My “look” is ever changing so there is not one place, person or look that really sticks. I get inspiration from the people I meet, the places I travel, etc. but black culture is the only influence that transcends through all my variations.

4.  What can we expect to experience at the Spot?

All vendors have been handpicked due to the quality of product and their brand. All the creators in this space have very different items. It is a true lifestyle shopping experience that encapsulates everything from home, to fashion, to grooming, to floral designs. Not only is it set to show the range of creatives in this area, our goal was to introduce many outsiders to Newark to assist with changing the narrative. I am looking forward to the energy in the space more that anything. It is a space to showcase young black creatives and promote black dollar circulation.

5.  In a perfect world, what would you like to see more of and less of in fashion?

In a perfect world I would love to see more blurred lines. I would love to see lines blurred on gender identity and what is appropriate as it pertains to fashion. I would also love to see lines blurred as it pertains to what is “wearable”. There are many new designers that lack a level of creativity and innovation that sets them apart because of these restrictions.

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