Marvel and Disney are getting ready to enter the streaming war. Marvel’s Falcon and Winter Soldier are reportedly set to team up and star in a new limited series on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. As reported by Variety, Malcom Spellman, writer and co-executive producer on Fox’s Empire, has been chosen to write a series that is focused on Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, Winter Soldier and Falcon respectively.

Sebastian Stan has played Winter Soldier since 2011’s Captain America, while Anthony Mackie has portrayed Falcon since Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Disney’s streaming service is an aggressive play to take on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu (although after the Fox merger, that last one may wind up being just another arm of the conglomerate’s business). The cancelation of both Luke Cage and Iron Fist over the last month is an indication that Disney intends to bring Marvel properties back into the Magic Kingdom gates.

In addition to these newly reported series, Disney has already announced that it will be delivering audiences the first live-action Star Wars series, which is being developed by Jon Favreau and is rumored to have a production budget estimated at $100 million. A Marvel series would likely necessitate a similar budget, making the upcoming service an ambitious endeavor.

The streaming service is set to launch next year and is intended to be the home of Disney’s vast library of programming, including Marvel and Star Wars properties, in addition to countless Disney classics.