Director, Carlos López Estrada held an intimate dinner last week to discuss his groundbreaking film Blindspotting.

Held at Barbuto in Lower Manhattan NYC, the intimate dinner was hosted in the chef’s kitchen included reknowned journalists conversing about the racy comedic yet thought-provoking film.

Collin (Daveed Diggs), plays a a parolee living out his last three days of probation.  His best friend Miles, (Rafael Casal), is a high strung, short tempered liability determined to compromise Collin’s freedom.  When Collin witnesses a police shooting, the two men’s friendship is tested as they face the dual sides of their lives and their races come into play. The climax takes an unforgettable twist sure to start conversations about race relations.

Hailing from a musician/music video background, Estrada showcases his love for the arts in a very unique way. Infusing hip hop throughout the movie, Estrada insists he let Hamilton-star Diggs take lead during that monumental scene.

“It’s the most important, unusual unique part of the movie.  It’s a man rapping his feelings to a police officer while he’s holding him at gunpoint and on paper there’s no reason why that scene should work.  It’s a reality that few people would believe or would buy.  I think because I have been done so much spoken word pieces with Daveed, I think that’s what made him think I could do this scene, and we knew how difficult it would be to get right. I just took a step back and let Daveed do his thing.”

The critically acclaimed film is released on digital 11/6 and DVD 11/20

Check out these exclusive DVD clips below.