Words by: Symone Daniels

It looks like the video for Ariana Grande’s latest song, “Thank U, Next” is finished and for the visuals, she is paying homage to at least two legendary films in pop culture. In series of tweets, the Sweetener teased some behind the scene photos.

In one tweet the singer drops a clue, “Meet The Plastics” followed by three pictures of her and her posse. Everyone knows the Plastics are from the famous teenage movie Mean Girls which centers around North Shore High School Queen B, Regina George, and her loyal band of followers.

For clue number two the singer posted a picture of her in an orange crop top with an orange MAC Book to go along with her caption “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.” These famous words were uttered by Reese Witherspoon character, Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde which is about a spoiled sorority girl who enrolls in Harvard Law School to prove that she can be taken seriously.

In another tweet, Grande posted a picture of her and Jennifer Coolidge who is famous for the “bend in snap” line in Legally Blonde.

Although she hasn’t set a date for the video to drop, we can’t wait to see it!