LeBron James is continuing his rise to mogul status in Los Angeles. The NBA legend has teamed up with Lindsey Vonn and Arnold Schwarzenegger to start a health and wellness company called Ladder.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ladder will initially offer four core products including two protein powders, a greens powder, and an energy powder. Ladder’s products, which might soon include snack foods, will be sold directly to consumers as subscriptions on weareladder.com. They’ve also committed to updating their website with articles and other content about healthy living.

“It’s an organically developed company,” Schwarzenegger told Wall Street Journal, adding that it’s different from “a company coming to us and saying, ‘We’ll give you some stock if we can use your name.’ That’s what I’ve done in the past, but I didn’t have the control. That’s why I got out of the deals.”

Men’s Health reports that Ladder’s consumers will first go to the company website and fill out a questionnaire. Afterward, the company will deliver packages of their products tuned to your specific needs and body type.

Athletes team up to start companies every day but the idea that James and Schwarzenegger on a wellness line that just sounds like a great business.