Legal issues continue to pile up for Young Thug. This time, Thugger isn’t facing arrest, however, he is facing a lawsuit that is in six figures.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Young Thug is the recipient of a civil lawsuit, which states he owes over $115,000 to a jeweler that is based in Buckhead. The jeweler is called Icebox and is suing in hopes to collect the money owed by Thugger.

Icebox states they reached an agreement with Young Thug that would allow for him to leave the jeweler with over $200,000 in merchandise, and between May of 2017 and 2018 he made payments of $95,000 but did not satisfy any of the full amounts.

Included in the jewelry that Young Thug has in his possession are a Rolex watch, a Cartier bracelet and a wallet chain made of diamond.