NFL running back Kareem Hunt has been released from the Kansas City Chiefs after a video of him attacking a woman in a Cleveland hotel was released by TMZ.

The incident in the video allegedly stems from a disagreement over the woman not wanting to “hook up” with members of his crew that were present at the hotel. There is no audio with the video clips, however, you can see Hunt push the woman, knock a man into her resulting in the woman hitting her head and kicking her as she is crouching near the floor.

After the release of the video, the NFL placed Hunt on the NFL Exempt List, which would not allow him to participate in any football activities such as games or practice until the investigation concluded. That was followed later Friday evening (Nov 30.) by his release.

Reports detail both the Chiefs and the NFL were knowledgeable of the incident but did not know a video was present. There were not any charges filed against Hunt. It is also stated the NFL and Hunt’s former team saw the video or the first time as the general public.

The NFL did an investigation during February when the incident was first brought to them.

The Chiefs detail the release to be a result of Hunt being “not truthful.”

Of the incident, Kareem Hunt said “I deeply regret what I did. I hope to move on from this.”