The tracklist for XXXTentacion’s first posthumous album, Skins, has been unveiled, and it notably has only one feature by Kanye West.

The 10-track collection is led by the single, “Bad!” Ye, who praised the late rapper shortly after his death, is featured on the track, “One Minute.” Any further details in regards to the track is held under wraps, but we’re sure their genre-bending tendencies will be a good combination on the record.

XXXTentacion’s trusted producer, John Cunningham, said that X “did something different” with this album.

“I’ll tell you what, I think a lot of people, the reason they latched onto this album is because he really did something different, and I can’t point to an album any time recently that was so diverse,” Cunningham explained at the time. “And people kinda looked at it like he was doing something forward-thinking. All I can tell you is that his next album is going to push that even further.”

Skins is slate to be released on Friday.