Comedians Tiffany Haddish and Awkwafina have been killing the comedy game. They both had breakout roles that launched them into stars. For Haddish it was the box office smash Girls Trip and Awkwafina starred in the highly successful film Crazy Rich Asians. Both comedians have parlayed their film success into other movie roles and they received rave reviews as hosts of Saturday Night Live. Now, Sony Pictures is rumored to be working on pairing the comics opposite each other in a reboot of 21 Jump Street.

According to reports, Haddish is being tapped to “play a teacher this time around, possibly posing as the mother of a new student — and fellow undercover cop,” while they’ve heard from “multiple sources” that Awkwafina (real name: Nora Lum) is “at the top of Sony’s list, and for months I’ve heard that executives over there are big fans of the Crazy Rich Asians actress.”

Haddish is fresh off another successful film Night School, that grossed over 100 million dollars and she will reprise her role for the second season of the TBS sitcom The Last OG. Also, she has starring roles in the crime drama The Kitchen and in the comedy Limited Partners.

Awkwafina, who first gained notoriety on MTV’s Girl Code, is also being considered to play in the new Jumanji sequel.

If it all comes together, the two comics would breathe new life into the 21 Jump Street franchise.