A Different World is arguably one of the most impactful shows in the 1980s. The Cosby Show spin-off celebrated young Black students.

A series’ cast members included Jasmine Guy, Kadeem Hardison, Darryl Bell, and Cree Summer, who recently visited Southwestern Christian College in Texas.

Talking about the show’s effect and the remarkable encounters of Black people across the country, Guy shared, “I loved the diversity of the cast. Usually, actors are the Black person on a show [as in there’s only one type of black person] and it’s very hard to represent everything about Black people in one person. We had different classes, different colorings, different backgrounds, different aspirations and that’s one thing I loved about A Different World. It showed the true spirit about what being Black is, and that it is diverse within itself.” Darryl Bell went on to comment on the show’s success adding, “No matter what topic was discussed, it wasn’t a monolithic response; it was something that was always challenging and relevant, it was important and we managed to be funny while we did it! That’s why I think it lasted so long and stayed evergreen.”

While at the college, the cast surprised the attendees with a $100,000 check to the school. The check will go towards a grant support and was a piece of Ford’s Ultimate Homecoming Takeover, an exertion propelled with the plan to enhance projects of concentrate at HBCUs and colleges provide opportunities for their Black students.