If you want to talk about classic Black films you cannot look past The Five Heartbeats. The 1991 film that details the career of a created music group starred Robert Townsend but now may be heading to Broadway.

Deadline reports Townsend is looking to work with a producer to convert the classic film into a hit musical. Townsend is bringing Keenan Ivory Wayans back into the fold who created the film with him.

The story will resemble the original movie citing it will have “music that people know from the movie, but there is a composer, Grammy-Award winner, a guy who has won some big awards who already said he will write an original song for us.”

The Five Heartbeats are also the topic of a documentary titled Making The Five Heartbeats, which includes commentary from each of the Heartbeats. The documentary is wrapping showings in New York City. Hopefully, for fans, there will be additional locations to view the documentary.