The NFL can be a smoke and mirror league at times. Even with that said, a broken clock and be right two times a day. Back in 2002, the league adopted a policy called the “Rooney Rule,” a rule that requires “every franchise to interview at least one minority candidate for a head coaching positions and senior football operation jobs once there is a vacancy.”

On Wednesday, the NFL updated the “Rooney Rule” to “including a requiring club to interview a candidate from career development advisory panelist or someone not already employed by the club,” via Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

“Since the inception of the Rooney Rule, we have seen the rule adopted across business sectors and considered an industry best practice to increase diversity,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “The policy updates made today will bolster the current Rooney Rule requirements and are intended to create additional opportunities for diverse candidates to be identified, interviewed, and ultimately hired when a vacancy becomes available.”

The enhancements to strengthen the Rooney Rule include:

1. Clubs must interview at least one diverse candidate from the Career Development Advisory Panel list or a diverse candidate not currently employed by the club;

2. Clubs must continue the best practice recommendation of considering multiple diverse candidates;

3. Clubs must maintain complete records and furnish to the league upon Commissioner’s request; and

4. If final decision-maker is involved in the beginning, he/she must be involved through the conclusion of the process.

the Rooney Rule requires The perception of a fair hiring process. No one is compelled to hire a minority candidate or any candidate. In theory, the NFL is doing the right thing but it should have to come down to enforcing a rule.