While the 45th President is facing intense legal woes, his predecessor, Barack Obama is living his best life and was recognized for his service to humanity. On Wednesday, The 44th president of the United States, 57, was honored with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2018 Ripple of Hope Awards.

In his acceptance speech, Obama stayed on the theme of hope, which made him a two-term President.

“I’m very humbled by this honor. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but I’ve been on this hope kick for a while now,” Obama said in his speech Wednesday to laughs from the audience. “I gave a big speech on hope. I ran a couple of campaigns. Hope. It’s my kind of thing. … So I’d like to thank all of you for officially validating my hope credentials.”

Continuing on his familiar theme, he said, “Hope is never a willful ignorance to the hardships and cruelty that so many suffer or the enormous challenges that we face. And hope is certainly not the smug complacency of those who’ve won life’s lottery, and think it’s all because of their talent or charm.”

This year is the 50th anniversary of the RFK Human Rights Organization’s founding and Kennedy’s historic campaign for the White House.