Marvel Studios isn’t thinking about 2019. The company is already shifting its focus on 2020 and beyond. A whole new set of source material is on the way for Marvel Studios in 2019.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has weighed in on the upcoming merger of Disney and Fox once more, telling Variety that things are looking “very, very good” indeed.

“We’ve been told it’s looking very, very good and could happen in the first six months of next year,” Feige explained of the heroes. “The notion of the characters coming back is great. It’s nice when a company that created all these characters can have access to all those characters. It’s unusual not to. But in terms of actually thinking about it and actually planning things, we haven’t started that yet.”

Disney scooped up Fox’s film business plus some other assets for $71.3 billion. The close of that deal early next year will kick off a consequential year for Disney, which is set to launch its Netflix rival, Disney+, towards the end of the year. In addition to carrying Marvel films, that streaming video service will also host spin-off Marvel TV series that viewers won’t be able to see anywhere else focused on characters like Loki and Scarlet Witch.

So, if are one of the many fans hoping to see any teases of these characters in Avengers: Endgame, don’t hold your breath. But it’s cool to hear that the studio is going to start developing some of these properties soon! If this is the case then we could see some of these characters enter the MCU as soon as 2020.