Chicago’s Magnificent Mile will be the host to a nine-story mural that will be created by international artist Ignasi Monreal. The mural will emphasize the historic reputation of the neighborhood, along with representing the culture of the city.

The new mural will take over 663 North Michigan Avenue and will be seen by tourists, residents, and shoppers.

“The Magnificent Mile is a central part of Chicago and the ideal place to have a mural of this size reach a larger audience where passion for the arts takes a front seat,” said Monreal. “After working mainly in Europe, it was very exciting to work on a project in Chicago, which is such an inspiring and thriving place for arts.”

Monreal is only 27 years old and has created for some of your favorite brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Louboutin, and Gucci. The creation for Chicago will feature elements of the Renaissance and depict people attempting to climb into the painting. The aim is to create an impact of those who are passing by.