The new label Quiet Money Entertainment, and CEO/Rapper TruStory emerges on the music scene with big plans of taking the game with full authenticity. TruStory himself jumps into the music scene with a lot of new content and moves for the new year. After dropping consistent visuals in 2018 – he let’s fans and viewers in for a more exclusive interview behind his music. TruStory shares more info on his music career following with what inspires his music, lifestyle, expectations for the new year, and new projects on the way.

As far as what inspires his music and lifestyle he says, “my environment inspires my music. What I seen and what I been through.” He says for 2019, “I got two more projects to drop, more videos, and more shows and more features. Just taking this label Quiet Money Entertainment to the top. The label began about 18 months ago – about the same time I started rapping.” To describe his overall sound and impact as a rising North Carolina artist, TruStory says, “my sound is sorta a southern sound. Like the ghetto preacher, I gotta story to tell that’s why they call me TruStory. I plan to just motivate others, everyday take strides doing what you want to do.” To those inspired by his journey – he says, “stay consistent, don’t take no for an answer. Doing what everybody else ain’t doing.”

Check out his latest video release below: