SouthSideShy formally know as “The Menace” was born on the “Southside” of Durham, North Carolina. Formally known for his excellence on the field at Hillside high school as a football player, he a created a new path in music. He started taking rap serious in 2013 after he graduated; and overtime continuously working on his craft until he developed a sound and style.

In 2016, he released his first tape “Night Time Wishes” which was exclusively released on Soundcloud. The following year, he would return with his series “Mr. Ice Skates 2K17”. In 2018, things then fell into place and SouthSideShy released his first big project “Stash House Volume One”, which featured production from Zaytoven and the single “Pink Lemonade” featuring T-Pain. He would continue to stay consistent over the year with music videos, singles, vlogs and releasing 3 more projects – “Return Of The Rabbit Food”, “Mega Bands”, and “Mr. Ice Skates 2k18”.

SouthSideShy shares more info on his music career following with what inspires his music, lifestyle, expectations for the new year, and new projects on the way. As far as what inspires his music and lifestyle he says, “growing up I listened to a lot of Gucci Mane, and a lot of Lil Wayne, and I feel like that specifically inspired me to developed a sound of my own, and my lifestyle you just gotta get to it and get money staying true to yourself and what you do. That’s what I feel like I live.” He says for 2019, “my music needs to be in everybody ear, on the main stage, everybody need to know who SouthSideShy is and Cash Lords Music Group.” To describe his overall sound and impact as a rising North Carolina artist, SouthSideShy says “my sound is authentic, its me. I developed this sown overtime. I also like to give a helping hand to other and I’m all about helping anyone that works hard.”

Keep up with SouthSideShy as he has a lot of new collaborations and projects coming for this new year and to those inspired by his journey – he says, “we staying away from collaborations unless it’s beneficial. I have some collaborations in mind but it’s something I’ve already did.”

Check out some of his recent music below: