Former 106 & Park co-host A.J. Calloway became the subject of another set of sexual assault accusations on Friday when the Daily Beast published the accounts of two anonymous women who said the TV personality forced himself on them in separate incidents.

Neither woman is named in the report, but the first of the two accusers filed an “aggravated sexual assault” complaint with the West Orange Police Department in New Jersey in 2018, according to confirmed reports. No further details were provided regarding the reported assault.

The other woman, identified in the story under the name “Talia”, said she first came into contact with Calloway in 2011 and was sexually assaulted by the Extra co-host at the TV host’s home after giving in to his repeated advances.

“I just remember trying to push him off of me, and this went on for 40 minutes straight,” Talia said in an interview, saying that she was insistent throughout that she would not have sex with him. “Me attempting to push him off of me and fighting to keep him from taking my clothes off. Eventually he got tired, and I think it’s because he was so intoxicated–it was wearing him out.”

The woman said Calloway then began to masturbate and kept trying to put my hand on his penis and eventually he ejaculated on my hands.”

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Calloway’s lawyer said, “We cannot comment on vague secondhand allegations beyond that Mr. Calloway firmly denies any claim that he assaulted someone.”

Calloway was previously accused of sexual assault by activist Sil Lai Abrams in a report published by The Hollywood Reporter in 2017. Revisiting a story first published in her 2007 book, in which she named her abuser only as a “B-list celebrity,” Abrams said Calloway forced her to touch his penis and attempted to force himself on her when they met in 2006.

Abrams reported the incident to the police, but the case was dismissed. “The Assistant District Attorney handling my case asked for one too many continuances and as a result violated [Calloway’s] right to a fair and speedy trial.”

At the time, Calloway called the allegations “false” and said he “fully cooperated” with the investigation. will follow up on this story as it develops.