It seems like the entire music world watched Surviving R. Kelly, except for the man himself. TMZ reports Kells chose to not watch any of the series and states he is “disgusted” by the entire production. R. Kelly states those who created the documentary have a “vendetta” against him and wanted to hurt him, his entire career.

The source also revealed that R. Kelly says he doesn’t know half of the people included in the documentary and there were some people who wanted to go speak in favor of the R&B singer but were not allowed. The resolution for R. Kelly is to “sue everybody who had anything to do with this.”

In case you missed it, Surviving R. Kelly is a Lifetime docu-series that details the alleged numerous cases of sexual misconduct from R. Kelly for over twenty years. Accusations include sex with underage girls, physical assault and more. The docu-series came in six, one hour long parts that were aired over three nights. The result of the docu-series placed a heavier target on the singer than before, but still produced a spike in his music sales. There has been also a divide among fans, many panning the singer for his actions, however, there is still a fraction of his fan base who still herald his work and debate the separation of man and art.