With movies and TV shows already up in the cloud, it’s inevitable that video games will be joining them, as it is learned Amazon is developing their own streaming video game service.

The Information reports that not only is Amazon developing their own streaming video game service, but Google and Microsoft have been as well. It’s confirmed Amazon has been talking with games publishers about distributing their titles through this game service, which is expected to launch next year at the earliest. It’s unknown if it will be a part of Amazon Prime or priced as a separate platform.

Details include that instead of having to purchase discs, the games will all run on powerful computers housed at various data centers around the globe, which will not only eliminate the need for a console, it will allow much less computing muscle, benefiting devices such as smartphone or tablets, and there will be no need to download updates (as everything will be done server-side on Amazon’s cloud).

Amazon has reportedly started speaking with games publishers in order to distribute various established titles through this service. Not much else is known about the rumored project at this time, though Amazon certainly has the financial backing to pull off a project like this.