New beef in the Tr3yway camp has the controversial crew’s manager looking really crazy!

Cali emcee Alshawn Martin, who now claims to have backing from Hip Hop/global music legend Wyclef Jean, was once a member of the infamous Tr3yway rap collective but has now publicly disassociated himself from the rest of his former affiliates.

Martin posted a video on Instagram of him giving up his Tr3yway chain and alleging that Tr3yway manager Shotti aka Kifano Jordan had the crew’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro take all of Martin’s Tr3yway music off of all streaming sites from behind bars.

Martin also managed to get off a shot in the form of a diss track aimed at the incarcerated Tr3yway manager. He mentioned in “Call Fom Shotti” that he doesn’t have problems with Tek, who Martin says fired Jordan because of his Benedict Arnold ways.