Chris Savage is using the power of his voice to tell a true story.

He had his fair share of ups and downs living life in the streets. But now he’s ready to be a voice of reason.

Savage just released his new single, “Gangsta How It Is.” It tells the story about his run-ins with the law throughout his life, and how he overcame his obstacles.

In the phone interview below, Chris Savage discussed the definition of a gangsta and his upcoming project, True Story

What inspired your name Chris Savage?
My name was just kind of given to me more than anything.

The “Gangsta How It Is,” music video starts off with you in an interrogation room then it flashes to what is presumably the younger version of you in the same room. Were you arrested as an adolescent?
I was in different youth programs growing up so yeah that was me over and over again actually.

How do you define being “gangsta”?
Gangsta well I have to say is you know going through things learning the right lessons out of it. A lot of people associate being gangsta with doing stupid sh*t.

Have you considered doing voice overs or using your voice for another form of art?
No I haven’t.

Do you have a release date for your project “True Story”?
I’m still waiting on them to give me a release date.

What are some stories that you’re sharing on the album that you think will shock your fans?
I feel like all of them have the potential to shock somebody so if you had to pick one out specifically but I also don’t want to ruin anything so I rather just let everybody listen.

You promised to release content every 6 weeks. What else can we expect?
We’re still waiting on a release date for the full project. So we plan to drop something every 6 weeks. We have videos lined up weird until they give me that day. The next video will be here in two weeks.