Brotherhood can be defined by a group of individuals that share a common interest. It is also something worthwhile, something of substance acquired over an extent of time that pervades every aspect of life.

Brotherhood is Buga Nation, even further, brotherhood is Toure. The newly thriving New Orleans based label, owned by Leonard Fournette Jr. is taking the lead as one of the most profuse entities to acknowledge in the South.

Toure is one of the most promising emerging talents to come out of 2019. Having his prowess as an artist displayed in channeling a co-sign from Dreamchaser’s phenom Meek Mill and Freebandz CEO Casino, Toure’s transparency in his art has enabled the young Philly Prodigy to reach new heights in his career. Toure said, “I feel like I can speak for any person that’s been through a similar situation than me. It’s easier to relate something that’s real.”

It’s also easy to relate to something that evokes emotion. Toure’s journey is something imbued with poignance and perseverance, a story that epitomizes fighting through affliction. The past turmoil from a time uncertain have placed a shift in Toure’s mindset, providing him with the drive to serve as a catalyst for the streets.
While simultaneously transitioning into the realm of fatherhood, Toure has laid the foundation to welcome new life into this world with open arms, and excitement, and even this is an understatement. “God gave me a plan and a reason to bring it all in, somebody’s depending on me,” says Toure.

Toure’s unwavering support from Buga nation and his hometown of Philidelphia have warranted an infectious momentum that continuously embraces his unique sound.

Releasing the “World Toure” EP left a strong yearning for more content from Toure’s adoring fans. The vibes captured on tracks like My First Love dig into the harsh realities associated with growing up in West Philly.

With 2019 sought out to be one of the most surprising years in music, we can only anticipate what the remainder of the year has in-store for the hot new artist and for Buga Nation. One thing is for sure, a full-body of work is in the works. “I have a project coming out in the summertime of 2019. I have two visuals coming out. So yeah, we just moving forward,” he said.