Cardi B deactivated her Instagram account again.

After venting to her millions of followers about how hard she worked for her Best Rap Album Grammy award for Invasion of Privacy, she deactivated her account on Monday evening. She didn’t give much explanation about her sudden departure, but it’s safe to say that all of the negative comments were taking a toll on her mental and emotional state.

In a since-deleted post, she explained that it was a difficult process to produce her debut album in the middle of her pregnancy and she still got up 10.

She also thanked J. Cole who congratulated her on her big win and shared his views on the award ceremony as a whole.

“[I] don’t never wanna be propped up by tearing somebody else down,” Cole began in the tweet he posted earlier today. “Seeing Cardi b win a Grammy make me feel like I won. Same with jay rock and Anderson. I feel for Travis cuz he really deserved that acknowledgement as well, but his moment is way bigger than the awards could say.”

We’re sending prayers to our sis Cardi who worked and proved that her reign is legit.