A day after the New Orleans Pelicans fired general manager Dell Demps, Anthony Davis answered questions about his trade request at All-Star weekend.

Davis is scheduled to be a free agent in 2020 but that doesn’t mean that he won’t get traded this summer. Davis made a wish list to what teams he wouldn’t mind being traded to.

The Celtics were previously not on that list after his dad didn’t approve of how they got rid of Isaiah Thomas but they are on the list now.

This is contradictory of a report from three days before the NBA Trade Deadline, where Davis’ list included the Lakers, Knicks and a number of other teams, but the Celtics were not on it.

Davis originally requested a trade from the Pelicans in an effort to get dealt to the Los Angeles and join LeBron James on the Lakers. The trade deadline on February 7th provided a window for the Lakers to give their best offer while the Celtics were forced to wait for July 1st. Because of the Rose Rule, the Celtics were not allowed to trade for Davis due to the designated rookie extension he signed in 2015. Kyrie Irving signed a similar contract in 2014, and since the Celtics traded for Irving, they are prohibited from acquiring two such players in a trade.

The Celtics are confident in Irving re-signing, and once the season ends, they will be in the driver’s seat to acquire Davis.

According to Scott Kushner of The Advocate, the brain trust in New Orleans would prefer to sit Davis for the rest of the season so he doesn’t get hurt and decrease his trade value. If this is now the case, this All-Star weekend might be the last weekend that Davis plays as a Pelican.