You never know what you’re going to get when it comes down to celebrity All-Star games. Some games can be straight out boring, or you can get an actual instant classic.  This year’s rendition was actually both. The home celebrity team blew an 18 point lead with 8 minutes to go in the game and watched as the away team rally to win 82-80.

Comedian Famous Los scored 22 points and was selected the MVP.

Quavo, who won the MVP last year, led all scorers with 27 points for the Home team. After the game, he passed the MVP torch to Famous Los:

The Celebrity Game featured an interesting wrinkle that was a perfect fit for Allen’s game – a four-point line. Ruffles pledged $4,000 in a partnership with the Special Olympics for every shot made behind the four-point line in Friday night’s game, and Ray Allen made sure to raise a ton of money for a good cause. Allen finished the game with 24 points, showing the fans in attendance and at home, he still has game.

The two sides were split into Home and Away teams, with the former group all having ties to the Carolinas.

The NBA introduced a new concept this year, with each team having a “hometown hero.”

Retired United States Marine Jason Weinmann, who used his personal military transport vehicle to rescue victims of Hurricane Florence in September, played for the Home side.

The Away team featured James Shaw Jr., who disarmed a gunman at a Nashville Waffle House in 2018.

Overall, the Celebrity game was compelling and entertaining. The 2019 Celebrity Game might go down as the new gold standard in all celebrity games.