Michael Jackson’s Never Land Ranch is back available at a cheaper price than it was in 2015.

As per The Wall Street Journal, the late pop star’s old home is posted for $31 million, compared to the $100 million four years back.

One of the real estate agents working on the deal, Suzanne Perkins, told the paper that selling the property was going to be a challenge because “a price tag of $100 million is not chump change.”

Jackson originally acquired the 2,700-acre land in 1987 for $19.5 million, and it was apparently pulled off the market in 2017 after failing to find a buyer.

Agent Kyle Forsyth said the property, which has the house where Jackson lived for 15 years, was held off the market due to spreading wildfires and mudslides in close-by Santa Barbara, California. “Everyone pulled back for about a year in general,” Forsyth said.

On another hand, a large part of the house is in the center of a child molestation controversy.

The two-part Leaving Neverland documentary is set to begin airing Sunday on HBO.