Solange hosted a special screening of her film When I Get Home, which accompanies her album of the same name.

The artsy flick had several Houston screenings, and the singer appeared at the screening at SHAPE Community Center, where Destiny’s Child used to practice growing up. She discussed the project with Antwaun Sargent in front of an audience which included A$AP Ferg, Cassie, and Slim Thug.

“I’m in Third Ward two days after my film came out,” she said. “My son is here, my mother is here, my friends are here, my family, the people who made me who I am. There’s just joy everywhere.”

The film features Solange and her precise choreography combined with her black futuristic ideologies. “I think with A Seat at the Table I had so much to say,” the “FUBU” singer said. “I had so much to say. And with this album I had so much to feel.”