As Cape May, New Jersey is known to be a relaxed and happy environment, up and coming artist CJ Young effortlessly creates his distinctive mark as talented creative. For many up and coming artist discovering their unique sound can be challenging. His passion for music motivated him to use it as a tool to express himself and relate to people from different walks of life. Being inspired by artist such as: Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake, CJ Young formed a unique creative process that is transparent and intriguing. His consistency and self-motivated drive allows him to continuously reach new pinnacles that increases his fan base. CJ remains devoted to connecting with new listeners and artists to formulate new music that is direct and conveys positive relatable messages in each song. In 2017, CJ Young collaborated with artist PNB Rock for the hit single, “Arthritis.” As expected, the song has created a bigger buzz for CJ which allowed him to showcase his talents. His ultimate goal is to become a successful artist that can inspire the younger generation and create opportunities for others to excel. His most recent track, “Voicemail” easily sets the tone for what this New Jersey native has in store. With all that he has achieved so far, CJ Young is destined to be one of Jersey’s most prominent artist.

CJ visited the MTM Radio station in NYC, to briefly discuss his journey and new music. He explained how he creates his process in making a record, he often has pre written material. Once he hears a beat that strikes that special chord, it fuels his energy to generate meaningful lyrics. After sharing the same lawyer as PNB Rock, these two artist connected instantly. Having the same musical interests and goals they formed a timeless record. As they streamed his new track “Voicemail,” CJ explained the inspiration behind it.

“The title Voicemail came to mind because it implies a lack of connection and/or bad timing; which is the case in most relationships and was in mine at the time. The lyrics of the song came naturally during the creative process due to the circumstances I was in. There was a learning curve in my personal life and I wasn’t content but I definitely wasn’t upset either. When people hear this song I want them to feel mellow and relaxed. There is an underlying theme of frustration or discontent but I’d like to think this song will bring different emotions to different people. When I wrote this song I was in a good place mentally. I was calm and enjoying the situation I was in. However I knew it wouldn’t last, hence the lack of connection, and so the some of my emotions was bittersweet.”

Listen to “Voicemail” Here!

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