Meet Queens’s artist, Paul Eubanks. Known for his acapella freestyles and having a distinctive ear, he uses music as a tool to express himself. He doesn’t only rap, he is also a singer. While some choose to talk about a street life that has either played out in front of them or through their TV screen, it has almost become the norm for them to make music that they think people want to hear. Composing since the age of 10, he has never stopped refining his skills or changed who he is for the need of a look. Instead of being moved by a beat, Eubanks got his start in music by rapping acapella freestyles. It wouldn’t be until high school that he would start making structured songs and introduce his talent for singing to others. Considering himself a “music” person for as long as he can remember, Eubanks can recall back to elementary school when he would experiment with songs that he heard with his under developed voice. Around the circa of 2009, is when an epiphany would dawn on him. Up until then he had struggled with comprehending his purpose in life but it was also around that time when he was writing and rapping more than he had ever done and it was then that he realized he could have the biggest influence on others through music, amongst the other talents he had. This week we briefly spoke with the upcoming emcee about his new project.

“I want my music to relate to like minds and invoke truth seeking. I’ve been at crossroads with life, my life, and thats what I talk about,” stated Eubanks.

As Eubanks continues to elevate in his career, he explained what his new single “So Lonely” really means. He discussed how this single was inspired by a situation where he shared energies with a woman without intentions of partnership.

“The song lends a somber mood that’s emotionally engaging. We wanted the visual to mirror that mood along with any inner conflict that situation can create.”

In this song, the lyrics state,

“Is it me or is it destiny? It might be written in the heavens for a lesson for me.”

Eubanks explained how people can come into your life just to teach you a lesson and how we learn more about ourselves through every person we choose to deal with. In the last clip of the video, a rose burns and then a picture falls on it as he sang “it won’t work”. For him it symbolized, choosing logic over emotion ultimately and how something’s hurt to let go.

Watch the new visuals below!