Chicago Police flocked to R. Kelly’s Trump Tower home on Tuesday afternoon due to an anonymous caller stating Azriel Clary and four additional women were planning to commit suicide. Clary is one of the women who claim to be R. Kelly’s girlfriend in the latest interview with Gayle King but is believed to be brainwashed by her parents.

Officers arrived at Trump Tower and entered R. Kelly’s home and were told that everyone inside was fine and the call was false by attorneys who were present. TMZ reports the call was stated to have originated at the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

R. Kelly was freed from Cook County Jail for the second time last week after an anonymous bailer posted $160,000 for his freedom. However, the trouble still mounts for the singer as another sex tape has surfaced and he is battling more accusations, which include transferring STDs to a 13-year-old girl in Detroit.

You can hear the audio from the dispact of Chicago Police below.