Singer R. Kelly’s publicist speaks out again about his client’s mental state following his infamous interview with CBS’ Gayle King which he believes helped his client tremendously.

Kelly’s publicist, Darrell Johnson says the singer spends his days “singing gospel music” in his Trump Tower apartment “talking about his mama.”

Johnson also shares, “He likes to look out his window at those five big “M’s” (golden arches) hovering over the five McDonald’s restaurants he can see from his apartment. That’s his heart.”

Oddly enough the singer has been accused of recruiting girls at the infamous fast food restaurant.

“Those huge McDonald’s ‘M’s’ remind him of his mom because that’s where they would go to eat when he was poor,” he continued, “He’s talking about his mama, mama, mama all the time and having the view of one of the McDonald’s nearby [600 N. Clark St.] makes him feel good,” said Johnson.

“It’s nothing perverted or bad,” he said, “He smokes cigars and drinks a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but he leads a rather dull life these days.”

Check out this interview from from Darrell Johnson below.