Troy Remedy has always been somewhat of an outsider … an underdog, if you will. Music has always been a remedy to the pain in his spirit, and the only outlet that saved his life from falling into failure. And it’s this combination of rising from nothing through music that resonates throughout his songs in ways that are profoundly connecting with people all over the world.

One part hip-hop and one part soul, Troy Remedy’s music is a vehicle for his 21st Century flows and ideas. He speaks on issues with an intelligent and articulate voice that hits hard and commands attention. Time and time again his lyrics dig deep – not as an angry homage to the pain, but as a salve for those seeking a remedy from their struggles.

“We’re all walking on our own paths just trying to navigate mine while pursuing peace of mind“Without music it would have a lifeless existence. Been through the madness just like the next person but always gravitated towards music to alleviate the pain. I considered it a lifeline. This eventually turned into a relentless desire to see what my own capabilities were as an artist.”

Last year Troy Remedy released the single “Underdog,” which has gone on to see modest success. An anthem for everyone with a fighting spirit. He’s now set to follow that up with another single, “Steal My Soul.” He describes this track as acceptance of losing those around you.

“It’s dedicated to those we’ve lost along the way,” he said. “Specifically, it’s for the ones who have helped us through our darkest hours. In our lowest points in life there’s only a few out there who are willing to extend that hand…this is for them. It also deals with the fight we have internally, including our inner demons and trying to fight them as well as the ones who can drag you down. Lost a few people recently and this song helped to deal with that acceptance. Life does go on but I wanted to create a song that kept their shine just as bright as how we remembered them.”

“This jam is the show stopper,” he said. “I always stop and send a shout-out to those who are no longer with us. Means a lot because they’ve lost people too. But recording this also helped me take that next step. I’m always chipping away, grinding and trying to perfect my craft. More good music is definitely on the way.”