.Can’t.Live.Without released his latest single “Headaches,” produced by Scott Storch. The record has a trap infused cut with a strong melodic thread accompanying the highs and lows of romantic relationships. Against an ethereal bed of synths and drums, the infectious chorus of the song highlights the often oxymoronic experience that can encapsulate affairs of the heart. “It’s kind of a Ghost rip,” .Can’t.Live.Without jokes about the influence of the 1990 hit film starring Patrick Swayze on the song. “But it’s definitely a love song.”

The music video for “Headaches” features Storch on the piano, classical violinists on the chords and .Can’t.Live.Without surrounded by wild animals. The music video was directed by Nate Perry, best known for his work with The Weeknd, Gucci Mane, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and Soulja Boy.

.Can’t.Live.Without’s s upcoming debut album Forever is a bass heavy excursion brimming with trap and R&B influences. The lion’s share of Forever was produced by Scott Storch and Ronny J. The album’s title, however, may also be fashioned into a metaphor for the long and winding road .Can’t.Live.Without endured to finally arrive at this crucial moment in his promising career. Written and recorded entirely in Los Angeles, Forever is a living sonic document of a self contained artist expanding his horizons in a new city – impacted by a fresh crop of environmental influences and sounds.