Since “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers was crowned the inaugural WWE champion in 1963, only three black men have held one of the company’s heavyweight titles: Mark Henry, Booker Huffman, also known as Booker T, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. As far as the WWE championship itself, only the Rock has had the honor of being the only black WWE champion.

All of this could change on Sunday night when Kofi Kingston steps into the ring to battle Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.  Kingston isn’t the sort of wrestler that gets to compete for a WWE championship. Kingston has been with WWE for over 11 years and has never been in this position during that time.

Kingston caught fire over the past couple of months in an organic and unplanned fashion that mirrored his WrestleMania opponent Daniel Bryan’s rise five years ago. At some point, even Vince McMahon can’t ignore thousands of people rabidly chanting a wrestler’s name, and Bryan, the champion, didn’t have a ready-made opponent for the title prior to Kingston’s jump into the main event picture.

Kofi is a member of the faction New Day. That same faction wasn’t build to be successful, but to their own credit, they put themselves over and have been one of the most profitable and fan loved groups in WWE history. The New Day was put together to be a comedy act. They have organically exceeded all expectations and have always walked that strong representation of Hip Hop and wrestling culture.

Everyone is pulling for Kofi. Booker T, a two time WWE Hall Of Famer, wasn’t given the opportunity that is in front of Kofi right now but understands the importance of what’s going on today.

Kofimania has taken over the WWE Universe. At this year’s WaleMania, Wale bought out Kofi on stage and the crowd lost it. The crowd was ecstatic all night long. Kofi wasn’t expected to appear at Walemania, but he came out and appreciated all the love and support from his fans.

No matter the outcome, it’s going to be an awesome sight seeing a highly-respected veteran such as Kingston shine in such a huge spotlight after an amazing career to this point.