In an interview with TMZ outside of Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Clothing Store in L.A., the  Founder of No Limit Records, Master P talks about the legacy and impact Nipsey has left behind.

He begins, “We lost a good man. A real soldier. Somebody that represented us. Yall see what this man was about. He was about peace and his life and legacy are going to go on. It’s going to go on and on. We are going to represent t him to the end.”

Master P says that Nipsey’s impact transcended into so many different types of communities that everyone is coming together to pay their respects.

“So, Nipsey Hussle to be honest to see what this man did and what he turned out to be where the whole world is coming together behind this man.”

“It’s so much love out here for our people to be able to be here. It’s incredible. His life has inspired so many people. It has even inspired me because for him to be in this its nothing but love. It’s going to change how we fight that hate is with peace and love.”

In regards to Nipsey’s memorial service being held at the Staples Center which is the same place that hosted superstar, Micheal Jackson’s memorial service in 2009 Master P says: “that just goes to show you how you come from the hood and affect the world. Nipsey Hussle affected the world. Maybe people didn’t understand that when he was here but his life now is going to change the way we look at each other. This is going to bring peace to everybody around here.”

Master P also says he is keeping Nipsey’s family lifted in prayer and that Nispey is still motiving him from Heaven.

“I’m praying for his family. His mom, a soldier, his wife his kids. He is an angel now. He up there and he is motivating me.”

When it comes down to the mural of Nisey painted by street artist Danny Mateo, Master P says.

He deserved that while he was here for the type of work he did. This man is not only a legend but he fought for us. To be here where he put a business in the community like this where everybody else turned their backs, that man never did that. I love you homie, I’m going to miss you.”

Nipsey’s memorial service will be held Thursday, April 11 at The Staples Center in Los Angeles CA.