Jackee Harry spilled all the tea on Twitter this week.

On Wednesday someone asked Twitter, “What’s the most surreal encounter you’ve had with someone famous?” The 227 actress revealed the legendary, Eartha Kitts slapped the f**k out of her. “Eartha Kitt slapped the f%#! outta me! She thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend.. which I was, but I didn’t know he was taken.”

The Twitterverse was set ablaze and everyone began reacting with hilarious GIFs and memes. One user noted their 29 years age difference made the story all more savory. “I’m just shook at the fact there’s a man with enough juice to successfully holla at Jackée Harry and Eartha Kitt”

Of course users kept pushing for her to spill the rest of the tea, but Jackee Harry kept it real classy and gave brief explanations using grown folk rhetorics.