Jersey City brings us the hidden gem of an artist known by Jay Hype. If you haven’t heard of her music, you’ll quickly want to get acquainted with her artistry by the end of this article. Jay Hype has been at the music game for the past five years, as she has quickly figured out her footing in such a widespread industry. When she first started out in 2014, she had little to no idea that she would blow up so quickly overnight, thanks to the power of social media and Kanye West.

Jay Hype brings the hardness of hip-hop as well as the emotional tones of RnB music to deliver the best of the best to her fans. This can be seen, or heard, in her latest EP, “S.N.A.”- otherwise known as “Still Not Available”. The entire project is very on brand for the artist, in every sense of the words. “It’s taken me a while to get where I want to be, and I’m finally getting there. In my single, ‘Trending Topic’, you can really just understand me. It puts people into a good mood instantly, which puts me in a good mood,” said Jay Hype. Trust us, you’ll want to add “Trending Topic” to your current playlist. It’s just THAT good.

Up next, it’s safe to say the sky is basically the limit for Jay Hype. She is completely laser focused on the visual aspect of her upcoming projects, which is super exciting for all the fans out there. Jay Hype followers can also expect to see more live performances, which is something she is currently booking out rapidly. Stay tuned to what Jay Hype is up to- you never know, she could come to a stage near you soon!