If you haven’t heard of Brooklyn duo TFT, you’re in for a wild ride. These identical twins are bringing double the heat this summer with their new music. The brothers have been in the music game for about five years, tracing all the way back to 2014 when they did their first demo. After growing up listening to hip-hop via BET, they knew they had it in them to make it big. All they had to do was go for it, and they did exactly that.

It’s almost as if they got the green light from the inner circle of friends, who kept pushing the brothers to pursue a musical career together. They call it the “twin takeover”, which seems to remain years later. “We wanted people to know we had plans to dominate the industry. We made sure everyone knew we were about to go in,” said TFT. Right now, the two are trying to change hip-hop with lyricism. Adding to that, in their own words, they are trying to package it all together and make it “smooth like butter”

The good news is that TFT caters to all types of music lovers even down to the mood they’re in. If you’re sad, the brothers have a song to match the mood, among all other vibes and feelings. “It’s music for everybody. Look at it as a lyrical ambush on chill and trap beats,” said the duo. Right now, TFT has stayed busy promoting their newest single “Lenox Ave”. The song is all about the twins’ journey through ghost writing, and how they made a pact not to sell themselves short in anything. For TFT, it’s all about navigating the road to success and achieving it.

Up next, TFT will be debuting their newest single called “The World”. Fans can expect to hear it in the next couple of weeks. “Hopefully, later down the line, we will release bigger projects. You’re crazy for doing things outside what’s trending. We are trying to explore that and if they call us crazy for doing it, then so be it. That’s the vibe,” said TFT. Stay tuned for everything to come from the TFT camp!