Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell submitted her resignation to North Carolina on Thursday after findings from an investigation revealed that she made racially insensitive remarks to her players and pressured some to play through the injury.

A statement released by the university said that Hatchell had made “racially insensitive” comments and “questioned” the medical staff who treated her players.

“The University commissioned a review of our women’s basketball program, which found issues that led us to conclude that the program needed to be taken in a new direction. It is in the best interests of our University and student-athletes for us to do so,” UNC director of athletics Bubba Cunningham said, adding that Hatchell had offered him her resignation after 33 years with the team.

Hatchell and three of her assistant coaches — Andrew Calder, Sylvia Crawley, and Bett Shelby — had been suspended with pay since April 1 over concerns from players and others. The school hired the Charlotte-based law firm, Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, to investigate the culture of the program.

Some players accused Hatchell of using racially insensitive remarks in front of the team and were pressured to play through injuries this past season. In an interview earlier this month, her attorney, Wade Smith, denied those allegations.

Six players have transferred from North Carolina’s program in the last five years and there are currently four more in the NCAA transfer portal. Hatchell builds a solid winning resume. Unfortunately, she has let