A 13-year-old Houston girl, Kashala Francis, is dead after spending days on life support.

Kashala Francis’s mother, Mamie Jackson explained that her daughter was jumped by two girls after school last week at Attucks Middle School. According to ABC 13, during the attack, a third girl jumped in and kicked Francis in the head. Jackson says when her daughter got home she had a bruise but insisted that she was fine, however, during the weekend while at a family members house, Francis “appeared to get delusional” but she returned back to normal. On Easter, Francis called her mother complaining of a headache but when Jackson arrived to pick her daughter up all she could do was lay down.

“I drove over and I told her to get up. I said Get up Kashala. She kept saying, mama, my head hurt so she laid back down.”

Shortly after Francis became unconscious, she was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital where the doctors made a discovery.

“We found out she has a large tumor in the back of her head, and she had fluid built up in her brain,” Jackson said.

Although it is still unclear if the fight contributed to Francis’s death, the Houston Police Department is investigating the fight.

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