Lil Wayne is looking to have a busy summer. After detailing a tour with Blink-182, Weezy F is now hinting at a new album. 

The news comes from Ticketmaster who accidentally leaked the news in a ticket sale offer discovered by a fan. When you attempt to purchase a ticket, you will receive the following message:

“Your ticket comes with a physical CD per order with your choice of Blink-182’s or Lil Wayne’s forthcoming album. Approximately 24-48 hours after purchase, you will receive an additional email with instruction on how to redeem your album. US/Canadian residents only. One CD per online order. Not valid for Fan to Fan Resale”

No one knows when the new album will be released to fans, however, if the Ticketmaster detail is to believe it has to be soon with the tickets now available. In the meantime, you can check below to see when Weezy and Blink-182 will come near you below.