The last two days for R. Kelly have been filled with court proceedings. After going to court Tuesday for his criminal sexual abuse charges, Kells returned Thursday for child support, resulting in a $62,000 payment.

TMZ details the “Step in the Name of Love” singer’s visit to Cook County court would once again bring him opposed of his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly in a child support case. Last time R. Kelly went to court for child support he ended up being sent to jail for failing to pay the $161,000 he owed. Since then, he missed the payments for the last three months but delivered a check for $62,499.

“This is a victory for my children,” Andrea Kelly stated.

R. Kelly still owes Andrea Kelly $32,000 in interest after the payment. She is also asking for educational support for their 21-year-old daughter, Joann, who identifies as Buku Abi.

In his sex abuse case, attorneys for R. Kelly requested copies of the tapes being used as evidence against him.