It seems like everybody owes 50 Cent money and he has been out on a mission to get it. But for 50, I bet he didn’t even expect to receive a payment that he got on a recent trip to Chicago.

Taking to Instagram, 50 told the story of being repaid $20 from a man who stole one of his albums as a fifth grader.

“Yo, so check it out. Why a nigga come in the store and give me this $20 right here, right. He said, ‘Here take it,’ and said, ‘I stole your CD in fifth grade,'” 50 said.

Previously, 50 has worked to receive the funds from Teairra Marí who owes him after a lawsuit and exposed actor Jackie Long for an unpaid debt.

Aside from money issues, 50 Cent is working hard on his TV endeavors and recently announced his hit series Power will end after the upcoming season.

Check out the full details below and pay up before you next on 50’s IG.


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Yo I love Chicago every time I come out here the wildest shit be happening. 😆LOL #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #bellator

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