Legendary actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger deserves a lot for his many contributions to the world, but one thing he doesn’t deserve is to be attacked at his own event. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened the other day at his Arnold Classic Africa in Johannesburg, but thankfully he handled it as expected — unfazed, unharmed and even able to find some humor in it all.

It’s still not clear as to what provoked the dropkick in the first place, but the attacker can be heard screaming something along the lines of “Help me! I need a Lamborghini!” and possibly screaming “Worldstar!” which may explain the possible want to go viral. Of course, Schwarzenegger urged those watching from social media to not give him the attention he risked jail time to achieve, instead asking everybody to focus on the “24,000 athletes of all ages and abilities” competing in the 90+ sports that Arnold Classic showcased this weekend. The funniest thing of all is that Arnold didn’t even feel the kick — Terminator vibes OD! — responding to it all with the following:

We’re glad The Terminator is OK and he can have a sense of humor about it. Get a look at the cheap shot on Arnold Schwarzenegger from another angle below, in addition to his response as to whether he’ll be pressing charges or not: